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Advantages of direct booking

  • € 10, - price advantage per night compared to portals
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Supporting programmes

Your training event - your conference - perfectly organised in every way!

In addition to excellently equipped meeting rooms, Hotel Weinberg-Schlösschen also offers a varied programme of supporting activities to make your meeting a complete success!

Cooking Events at Weinberg-Schlösschen

This relaxed atmosphere is noticeable in no other room.
True to our motto: "The best parties take place in the kitchen" we are delighted to offer your a 3-course cooking event.
With a glass of sparkling wine - we begin by allocating the various tasks. You will be guided by our professional chefs and, with cooking wine, we will create a 3-course dinner in excellent spirits.

Other incentives and supporting programmes in the Rheingau region

We will be pleased to organise wine tastings, hikes or walks, boat trips and adventure tours along the Rhine on request - all tailored to your personal timetable!

We have just added evening archery and a wine tasting walk for the darker months of the year

Evening Archery

Archery is a special type of corporate event with a sporting character. We give this event additional colour by illuminating the rows of the vineyard where the individual lines of fire have been set up.

For team competitions, participants are divided into small groups. They then receive comprehensive safety instructions from our trainer and learn how to handle a sports bow.
After a few practice shots, the aim is to win the most points for your own group. Some strength is required for stretching the bow. But it is mainly about personal precision and mutual motivation.

Each time it is your turn, let your colleagues support you in hitting the target as close to the centre as possible. Always keep the target in view and sharpen your perception.

Price: 35.00 euro plus VAT / person
Min. number of participants: 10
Location: according to prior arrangement

Short Wine Tasting Walks

We will walk approx. 2km from the hotel on the Panoramic Trail, stopping a 3 wineries on the way.

Winery 1 Weingut Klein im Hof
Winery 2 Weingut Eisenbach Korn including a visit to the cellars
Winery 3 Weingut Stassen im Schiefer - vaulted cellar

There are 2 wines to taste in each case. Duration approx. 2 hours
Price: € 25 per person


A really exciting treasure hunt with the help of GPS!

Get to know a modern type of treasure hunt – Geocaching. We will deposit "treasure" for you in the local area; and you will receive from us the relevant coordinates and appropriate GPS devices.
This means you get to know the historic monuments and top attractions in the area in a very special way; and, at the same time learn the secrets and tricks of Geocaching. Small groups are formed that have staggered start times and (may) compete against each other. Prices and min. number of participants on request.  


A Bull's Eye for Your Team!

Are you looking for an event that fits your occasion, in which everyone can take part and even comes to where you are? A small open space is sufficient to set up our mobile archery unit with you locally.

Traditional archery is the original form of sports archery. You shoot intuitively with gut feeling, without a sight and other target devices. You don't need any previous experience or special skills.

More information about archery

Professional trainers will introduce you to the art of archery. Very soon you will hit the target for the first time and begin to realise and feel what firing an arrow is all about. You can continue to use and refine your new skills right away. If required, we will be pleased to organise various team or individual competitions. In addition to the technicalities of handling a bow and arrow, archery also has psychological and spiritual components.

Are you, your staff or friends looking more for peace and quiet, relaxation and meditation? In this case, we can offer you meditative archery. Discover that strength really does lie in serenity. Learn about breath control. Find stability and balance.

Archery means:

  • a special shared experience
  • relaxing in the great outdoors
  • bringing body and mind in harmony
  • recognising the right time to "let go"
  • getting new energy and encouraging concentration
  • finding your own centre
  • and a great deal of fun!

Archery is ideal for excursions, celebrations, conferences, workshops, meetings and team events....

"Let go" and Reach the Traget!

We have also just introduced our programme for the darker months of the year: evening archery in a floodlit vineyard !!!

Prices and min. number of participants on request.

Special Raft Building

With highly unusual building materials!

Perhaps you know something about classic raft building with blue barrels and floats, which are fixed together with rope and boards. But we set your team the challenge of building a raft using everyday materials, which initially appear very "unusual" and that you may not have seen in raft building before. We will be pleased to tell you more - but not here!

More information about raft building

With our raft-building programme, we offer you a really adventurous team event and - if you wish - a very special and professional type of team building. Enjoy the adventure and special group experience that is almost nowhere as strong as when raft building. Come on board - we guarantee the fun!

This is very worthwhile activity for team building and training. The collective challenge of building a buoyant raft capable of carrying people - and then climbing aboard for a ride - encourages and highlights group dynamic processes. The activity demands teamwork, creativity and planning from all participants. The inclusion of some energetic manual work and the outdoor setting make this event a very special experience. Our materials are transportable and we are able to carry out raft building at a wide range of locations.

"One cannot judge any vessel whilst it has not yet been in the sea."
From Silesia (17th century)

Prices and min. numbers of participants on request  

Laser Power Biathlon

Varied – Lively – Exciting!

A LaserPower Biathlon Station represents a state-of-the-art way of hitting a target. The manufacturer of the laser guns - Anschütz in Ulm - supply 95% of all biathlon athletes worldwide with competition guns. The professional laser guns that we use for our events have also become part of everyday biathlon training. The shooting is completely harmless and the guns can be easily handled by young and old. The 5 target boxes look like authentic targets, creating a real biathlon feeling. The unit can be set up in- or outdoors and shooting can based on a number of shots or time-based.

More information about a Laser Power Biathlon

In addition to shooting, we will also be pleased to offer a second activity, to create a real biathlon feeling. We have modified a number of downhill skis, so that 3 people can move simultaneously on 2 skis.

Have a go at one of our special competitions:

  • Pfälzer Biathlon - Elwetrit Hunt + Donnersberg Peak Skiing
  • Jamaica Challenge - Jamaica Chicken Shoot + Snow Hill Skiing

We create an appropriate ambiance on the shooting range and cross-country trail with various decorations. In any event, you and your team will experience a varied, lively and exciting day with a LaserPowerBiathlon! It can be perfectly combined with one of our other event modules, such as archery, walking on broken glass, fun golf etc.

LaserPowerBiathlon - Great fun at anytime of year!

Prices and min. number of participants on request