Scenic Flights over the Rhine

We offer a popular choice of exclusive scenic flights with which you, your friends or family can experience unforgettable moments.

Irrespective of which scenic flight you choose, we guarantee you fantastic bird's-eye views of enchanting landscapes, impressive towns and many well-known and perhaps no so well-known places of interest.

Rundflug Deutschland

Scenic flights - the highlight of your holiday on the Rhine

Discover the Rhine from the air ...

When in the air, we're not heard on the ground. All our aircraft are fitted with special sound absorbers. As the only operator of scenic flights in the Rhine-Main area, we offer increased noise protection.

Although we put a lot of emphasis on fun, like all other airlines, our first priority is safety. Your safety is for us the most important thing. That is why we use only experienced professional pilots and operate only the best aircraft.

Our team of pilots look forward to welcoming you on board!