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Hiking tours and suggestions for an active holiday on the Rhine

Walking the Rhine - arguably on of the most famous rivers in Germany. The 320-km long 'Rheinsteig' trail runs along the right-hand side of the Rhine between Bonn, Koblenz and Wiesbaden; on mainly narrow paths with challenging climbs and descents, through forests and vineyards and with spectacular views.

Interactive walking & jogging map

Ideas for hikes in the Middle-Rhine Region

RHEINSTEIG KÖNIGSETAPPE 22 km: Some summits are surrounded in myths: 'Watzmann' is one of these` as is 'Brocken - and also the 'Loreley'.

Ever since Clemens von Brentano brought the fair 'Lore' to life on the 'Ley' (cliffs), the viewing point above the narrowest point on the Rhine has been a top international attraction. The maiden's golden hair has made the Rhine Valley famous in the remotest parts of the world; the song of the Loreley an well-established evergreen.

BINGEN FOREST 5 km: This adventure trail for the whole family extends over a 5.5 km circuit. 24 individually themed information boards explain and portray in each case local life in the forested slopes of the Rhine.

EMMELSHAUSEN-BAYBACHTAL 38 km: Follow the course of the water, on the sides of which cliffs extend upwards from the bed of the stream like church towers. Walk along flat banks and steep slopes. Old caves are relics of the time when Hunsrück slate, which was also well-known outside of the region, was still quarried.

KESTERT-PULSBACH GORGE 27 km: Pulsbach Gorge is covered with moss and ferns and can be walked on narrow footpaths and walkways parallel to the tiny 'Pulsbach' stream. The route through the gorge leads up to the 'Rheinsteig' trail, which takes you down the Rhine to Kestert and up the Rhine to Wellmich.